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Welcome to Rocky Mountain Driving School

Rocky Mountain Driving School has been in operation since 1999 with a simple formula of high-quality instruction driven by a student-first individualized approach. We love what we do, and we love our students! Our goal is to provide the best possible instruction in the classroom and behind the wheel in order to prepare our students with the necessary driving skills to keep them safe and accident-free while on the road.

We believe in our time-tested process of individualized teaching methods that help each student progress and acquire a sound foundation of driving principles and techniques. To us, it’s all about the student and helping them understand and get better. Our track record and reputation demonstrate that we are a leader in teaching driving safety and are second to none with our teaching approach. We are dedicated to assisting new drivers with developing a greater sense of comfort and control behind the wheel.

Our Student First Curriculum Includes

  • Superior Classroom Instruction by Proven and Licensed Educators
  • A Process-Oriented Behind the Wheel Approach
  • Dependable, Experienced, and Personable Instructors
  • Fun, Upbeat, and Positive Classroom Environment
  • Safety First Instruction
  • Basic Car Care 101
  • Convenient Classroom Locations
  • Convenient Pick-up and Drop-off Locations for Student Drives
  • Flexible Student-First Scheduling

We Offer

  • Online Instruction
  • Classroom Instruction in Idaho Falls
  • 4 Week Courses
  • 3 Week Courses (beginning in June)
  • Sibling discounts