Driving School Costs and Policies

Payment Policy
The $250 course fee is due the night of the open house. Payment arrangements are available, as long as it is paid for by the end of the course. We are no longer giving sibling discounts to the students that will be attending our in-class session in Idaho Falls. We will continue to offer the sibling discount of $25.00 for online students have had siblings previously attend our program. We will also match any other “private driving school” tuition. We accept credit card, Venmo, check, or cash.

Returned Check Policy
There is a $25.00 returned check fee.

You must be at least 14 1/2 to purchase a learners permit. Permits can be purchased at your county Department of Motor Vehicles. The permit MUST always be purchased before the first day of class. There are no exceptions. Students without a permit on the first day of class must must wait for the next available course.

Driving Policy
During the course, the student is to drive with no one other than the instructor on public access roads.

In agricultural situations, the student can drive on private farm land, but not on public roads. The students may drive with a parent in parking lots, but can not interfere with any other drivers. Absolutely NO driving unless the above situations. If the student is driving in a vehicle with someone else other than the instructor on public roads it is an automatic failure in the course.