Obtaining Your Permit

Permit MUST be purchased BEFORE the first day of class

The following information is important and needs to be followed correctly in order to obtain your training permit.

All Documents must be original and certified.

  • Original copy and state-certified birth certificate ( this is to prove legal name and legal date of birth)
  • Photo identification (school activity card, a yearbook picture)
  • Social Security Card
  • Verification of Compliance (This can be obtained from your school counselor; this is a form stating the student is enrolled in school)
  • Photo identification of legal guardian (the parent also needs to sign the permit and will need to prove identification as well as the relationship to the student. If the liable signer has a different last name than the student further documents will be needed to verify parent and student relation will be required. Step-parents’ names will not be allowed on the driver license as the legal name for the student)
  • Fee for the permit is $26.50. This is paid to the Department of Motor Vehicles. (Once the fees have been paid and a permit has been issued the fees are not refundable)

If there have been any legal name changes, and they appear different than what is on the birth certificate – supporting documents must be present along with all the other documents.

We are aware of the “red tape” that is required to obtain your permit, but this is a legal document and all steps must be followed with no exceptions.

Requirements After Your Receive Your Permit

  1. You have met all the state requirements to successfully graduate from Rocky Mountain Driving School.
  2. You now have a Supervised Instruction Permit (SIP). It’s time to practice driving. The SIP requires that you drive no less than 6 months during which the student has 50 hours of driving (10 of which must be night hours). A licensed adult over the age of 21 years must be in the passenger seat while the student is driving.
  3. When you have completed a violation-free instruction period and are at least 15 years of age, you can call and schedule an appointment with a skills tester in your designated area.
  4. Time to take your skills test, also known as your driving test. You must pay the tester $17.50 in cash at the time of testing. The skills tester will also need to see your SIP prior to your driving test. You will provide the vehicle for which you test in. Please make sure that the vehicle is registered, insured, and in proper working condition. A legal guardian will need to be present at the time of testing.
  5. The tester will give you a sealed envelope with your test results inside. Do NOT open the envelope, doing so will void your test results. The employees at the DMV will be the one that opens your driving test results.
  6. You will then take a written knowledge test. It is 40 questions and multiple choice. Take your time. This is not a timed test. Read, RE-READ, and then re-read again. If I may suggest you ask for the headphones. These headphones read the test to you and it improves comprehension. You cannot miss more than 6 questions on your test. If you do not pass either the written or driving portion of the test, you will need to wait 3 business days to re-test again.
  7. Congratulations!!!! You have passed the skills and written tests. You can now purchase an Idaho Driver’s License. Remember – if you are under the age of 15 years, you are restricted to daylight hours unless you have someone over the age of 21 with you at night until you are 16 years of age. Also, you are restricted to 1 non-related passenger in the car for the first six months of your driver’s license.