Driving School Registration

  • You need to click the online button on our website and it will take you straight to a drop down box. You need to choose "Rocky Mountain Driving School". Then it will take you to the AAA website who we do our online classes through (which is the only online program that is the most up to date and approved by the state). You will need to register with them separate from us. You will be charged a fee from AAA for $49.99.
  • You will need to go purchase a permit from the DMV before registering with AAA, because it requires the students permit number.
  • As soon as you get registered you can start the online portion.
  • After the student finishes 20 hours of online instruction we will give you a call and set up some behind the wheel drives. When we meet for the 1st drive we will need the permit receipt, driving contract, and behind-the-wheel fee ($300).
  • The online course is a 30 hour course. If the student does everything in each module then they should be right on track, BUT if they skip things they can not go on to the next module until it has timed out.
  • The student can only has 3 chances to pass the test with an 80% or better.
  • After the student has finished all of the behind the wheel drives, and completed their final exam with a 80% or better, it is then that we will hand them their driving permit.

Take the education course online.

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