Driving School Requirements

Grading Criteria

This is a pass/fail course. The following areas will be determined by the instructor whether there is a pass or fail:

  • Classroom (attendance, knowledge, participation)
  • Behind-the Wheel (skills, attendance)
  • Attitude (respect to classroom, teacher, and fellow students).

Any student who fails in any one of the three grading criteria will be failed for the entire course.

Graduated Driver’s License

As of July 1, 2007, Idaho law states that once a student has completed a driver education course, they are required to drive for a six-month supervised period of time. During this time they must complete a minimum of 50 hours of driving time. Ten of those 50 hours must be at night.

The permit must be in the student driver’s possession. The supervising passenger must have a valid driver’s license and at least 21 years of age.

All occupants must wear a safety belt or child restraint.


During the course the student is covered by insurance under Rocky Mountain Driving School’s insurance agency.

We carry a minimum of $5,000 medical insurance, $100,000 , $300,000 , and $100,000 property loss and property damage insurance of each vehicle operated by our school.

Upon the completion of driver's training the student must be carried on the parent's insurance policy. Please contact your own insurance agent before the last day of class to make sure you are compliant with your agency.